Cheap Hajj Packages 2016

Whenever the month of Rajjab and Shaaban comes each year, Muslims from all around the world start planning their Umrah or Hajj to spend their time in Mecca and Madina. People who want to perform hajj started waiting anxiously for the Government policies about Hajj and they also start looking towards various Hajj operators for cheap Hajj Packages. Everyone wants to get the information about the number of days, accommodation, meals and charges for different packages. Cheap Hajj Packages offered by various travel agents would be crafted in a right way to facilitate pilgrims throughout their journey in Mecca and Madina.

hajj 2016

I Link Tours is regarded as one of the most reliable Hajj packages offering company and we have gained this status by providing the best services to our clients from many years. You can make your hajj reservation by choosing one package from our cheap hajj packages and various packages are available for couples, families and groups. Our dedicated and committed staff is always willing to help the clients by providing the divine services according to the client demands and requirements.

hajj from usa

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Being one of the top hajj operators in USA for Muslims, we not only help you initially but also provide hajj trainings, make bookings for hotels in Mecca and Madina, make visa arrangements, book air tickets, provide transportation in special Hajj buses, offer high quality meals and last but not the least provide well-crafted services in Arafat and Mina.

hajj packages

Due to our vast experience in providing Hajj services for the clients we offer various cheap Hajj Packages, which let you choose the desired days and other necessary facilitations. With a large number of Hajj packages, we provide premium services to make your sacred journey perfect right from the visa processing, training and mecca arrival to selection of The best hotels, Ziarat in Madina, tenting in Mina and quality food and buffet arrangements. We provide the transportation right from the start of the journey till the departure from Saudi Arabia.

cheap hajj packages

With our special Hajj offerings, Hajjis get an experience of the lifetime and they have the chance to perfectly avail the ease of their pilgrimage and cherish the most important journey of their life. We have trusted Hajj Partners in Saudi Arabia who make everything easy to be managed right from living, transportation, food, Qurbani and Ziarat to other necessary things during Hajj.

hajj packages from usa

In order to provide the best services in the current year Hajj 2016, ILinkTours team has already devoted its services and offering cheap hajj packages and we are always ready to provide ease of travel and meet and satisfy the obligations of customers through our 24/7 support services. You just need to contact us and we will make sure that we make your journey a tour to remember for the rest of your life.


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